When Canada Geese Become a Problem

I can remember being nervous about Big Bird on Sesame Street. Come on, you know what I mean. He is a big bird! Well, my first interaction with a flock of Canada geese was also interesting. I had this huge, to me anyway, male Canada goose charge at me. It was scary. I admit that I know nothing about interacting with wildlife other than to avoid spiders and stinging insects when they are nearby. Canada geese control in NJ was coming out to the park area where I had the encounter with the goose. They were going to use tactics to get the birds to choose another area to roost and nest.

I found out that the birds will return to the same spot year after year to raise up new generations. That is really nice, but it was not working out for this city park area that had been built years ago. People were used to uncomfortably sharing the spot with the geese. Every year there were incidents. One of the biggest issues was the cost of cleanup, because the geese droppings are very large and can accumulate quickly when there are hundreds of birds in a small area.

You probably have had bird droppings on your car’s windshield. It might have been a big splotch with a little semi-solid stuff in it. I found out that birds have a cloaca that they urinate and defecate through. That is why droppings are always liquidy. Goose droppings are much more solid. Imagine a couple hundred Chihuahuas roaming your picnic area and all needing to go to the bathroom several times!

The company that does Canada geese control in NJ helped to get the birds to choose another spot to roost and nest. We now only have a few birds in the picnic area instead of the massive flock.