Memorialized in a Respectful Way

There are a lot of people that pay for their funeral expenses ahead of time. If people have the extra money, they may pay for their funeral home and headstone ahead of time. I am glad that my parents took me to see monuments in Essex County NJ when they were looking for theirs. I was sad to see that they were going to know what their headstone looked like, it was weird. But, they picked out exactly what they wanted and they were so happy when they turned to me and showed me that they were going to pay for it right then and there. I was so happy that they were helping me out ahead of their death. I know from my grandparents how much work my parents had to do in order to get them buried when they died. My mom was really upset and dealing with the loss of her parents in addition to making burial arrangements.

More than anything, my parents were happy to be able to pay for it while they were alive. They got to pick out what they wanted and where their bodies were going to be laid in the earth forever. It is really hard to figure out the finances of a family after a death. My parents were hoping to take care of everything because they did not want my brother and I to fight about anything. I was worried that my brother and I would definitely get into a fight over money when they died, so I am glad that they could foresee this. I wanted to make sure that we were also doing this so I went home and talked to my partner and we decided to also do the same for our daughter for her own sake.