New Futura Has Quickly Become Home to Us

My wife and I both wanted to find out more about the New Futura condo development as soon as we heard about it. It is in the perfect location, and we knew that we would have to act fast if we wanted to have a shot at it. Before we did that though, we wanted to have more information. Just because a condo development has a great location does not necessarily mean that everything else about it will be great too. We went to the website of the developer to get all the information that we could, and that is when we knew that this really was the place we wanted to live at.

We have a teenage son, so we took his feelings into consideration as well. Even though this would be where my wife and I live for the rest of our lives and our son would be out on his own in less than ten years, we still wanted to make sure that he would be happy here too. He looked at everything outside the towers and told us that he wants to live there as soon as possible. I figured he would feel that way after seeing all the activity things there for people to do. Swimming pools, tennis courts, walking paths, a fitness center and so much more would be appealing to most people, and especially an active teen boy.

My wife and I were more concerned about the inside of the condo. My favorite part of the three bedroom condo we now have is the large balcony off the living and dining rooms. The view we have is spectacular, and I find myself out there most evenings. My wife loves the huge walk in wardrobe as well as the kitchen since it has all the luxury features she could want. This has definitely become home to us in the short time we have been here.