My Grandson Fell off a Deck

I have heard people say things like their hearts literally stopped when they are in a dire situation. I thought that was just a saying until I went through a pretty horrific situation. My kids were on the back deck, and my youngest daughter had her newborn son with her. I was in the yard below, and I was smiling and daydreaming about my good fortune. By the grace of God, I was in the right spot when she tripped and dropped her baby. I did need to see a chiropractor in Bakersfield, but I would do all of it again in a heartbeat because I am the one who caught my grandson before he hit the ground.

She was screaming and crying, and I was laying on the ground with my grandson on my belly. There is no way I caught him on my own. There are just too many things that had to come together perfectly to ensure that my grandson did not even have a scratch, though he was checked out by medical professionals nonetheless. As for me, I twisted something in my back, and I couldn’t even get up without being helped.

I was also checked out at the hospital, and they are the ones who recommended that I go to a chiropractor for help after they determined there were no internal injuries. I did go to a chiropractor because my back hurt too bad not to take their advice. The chiropractor did a physical exam on me, and then he told me that a few spinal manipulations should get me back to where I was. I asked him if I could get better than what I was, and he assured me that improvement can always be made. I still go to him on a semi regular basis, and he is now a trusted member of my healthcare team.