My Parents and I Are Having a Fantastic Time in Another Country

My dad is a businessman, and we have lived in some really great places. He really surprised mom and me when he pulled up the parc life website on our computer at home and asked if we would like to live there. I immediately asked dad where it was located, and he very calmly told me that the building was located in Singapore. My mom’s mouth fell open. I thought that dad was joking. He then told us that he had learned of a job opening there within his company, and he was hoping to get the job and take me and mom there to live, too. We immediately agreed to it, and we moved just four weeks later.

I knew that it would be hard to leave my friends behind, but I also knew that it wouldn’t be permanent. Things change in life, and I knew that moving to another country is an amazing opportunity that my family could not give up. I also knew that it would be a lot of fun to go to school in another country and make a lot of new friends. I had always wanted to learn a new language, so I began taking lessons in preparation for my moving to our new country.

Moving is everything that I thought it would be and more. I am already going to school here, and I have met some great people. Most everyone here speaks English, so getting comfortable has not been that big of a deal, but I am still trying to learn their language. Mom and I love to go shopping on the weekends. On Friday nights, dad takes us out to eat at different restaurants that have amazing food. It has been a great adventure so far. We will be here for the next three years, and I am going to relish ever minute of our time here.

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