Moving to Jackson Cut the Commute Time to Work Drastically

The place you live is important. As a kid, I didn’t care much where I lived. Home was home. As long as I had my family and some good friends, I was okay. As I got older, I liked some nicer things. I like an apartment that has grounds that are kept well. I like a nice swimming pool. I like for us to have a nice kitchen to cook our meals in. That is why when we looked at the Woodlands Apartments website, we decided to go out and take a look.

We needed a place that was within our housing budget, and we needed two bedrooms. My wife and I and our daughter needed to move to be closer to my wife’s new job. The commute was taking its toll on her. She had been driving 90 minutes each way. Moving to the Woodlands Apartments cut her commute down to less than 10 minutes. I got a transfer to the closest warehouse from our new apartment, and I am about 15 minutes away.

Our new apartment is very nice. We all enjoy the pool, and we have some really nice neighbors. It is fenced, and there is a nice play area outdoors for our daughter. We like it here. We are on the bottom floor, so we have a private patio that we enjoy. The rooms are just the right size, and we finally have a new kitchen with new appliances. We were happy to find this apartment complex for rent in Jackson, Mississippi.

The apartment complex is gated with controlled access. We like that level of security. The laundry facility makes it so we do not have to go off site to a laundromat. There is a clubhouse, and property management is right on site. Much nicer than the place we moved from.