My First Fact-Finding Mission and Home Purchase Was Easy

My husband and I have been talking about moving to Colorado, and one day he came home and said it was now going to become a reality if I wanted it to be a reality. He said that his boss thought he would be a perfect fit at their Denver branch if he was interested in it. Boy, were we ever interested! So, my husband sent me on a fact-finding mission by flying me out to meet up with a realtor in Denver so that she could show me what types of places were available. I was so excited, yet very nervous as well. I usually have my husband with me when I do important things like that, and I hoped that I could handle it all myself.

When I married my guy, he already had a house. I had been living in an apartment for 10 years prior to meeting him. So I had absolutely zero experience when it came to purchasing any type of property. But he gave me a few tips here and there before I left. And I also checked out a couple of websites to learn a bit, too. So when I showed up in Colorado, I wasn’t a complete newbie when I sat down to talk with the agent. In fact, from the questions that I asked her, she thought that I was familiar with many of the terms because I had bought a place before!

I went out on a Saturday and Sunday with the agent to look at a lot of different homes. My plan was to then fly back home on Sunday night and discuss some of the places that I had looked. I didn’t realize that I would end up falling hard for one of the places we looked at. I took lots of photos and showed it to my hubby, and he was really interested. Later, he flew back out with me when he had more time and we bought the place.

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