The Health Benefits of Natural Fruit-Based Allergy and Flu Products

When spring arrives, so do many plants that produce pollen and cause hay fever. By the time the warm months end and the weather gets chilly, flu season sets in. Many people afflicted with these ailments search for natural Allergy and Flu Products. They want to buy items that reduce their symptoms while not causing unwanted side effects of drowsiness or jittery feelings. Many products that relieve hay fever and flu symptoms make people feel sleepy or like they’ve consumed too much caffeine.

One effective treatment for flu symptoms is elderberry, which is the main component in some over-the-counter conventional medical products intended for this illness. It also has proved helpful for treating the common cold. People have used this remedy since ancient times. Research indicates it essentially inactivates flu and cold viruses, which decreases the symptoms and shortens the duration of the illness. One study found that a full 93 percent of participants who had contracted the flu recovered twice as quickly after taking an elderberry product compared with those who took a placebo. It must be taken within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, and preferably within 24 hours.

The best way to take elderberry for colds and the flu is in a concentrated extract form. Spreading elderberry jam on toast and eating it doesn’t tend to be very effective, and neither does drinking elderberry wine. Fortunately, high-quality elderberry extract is available with a specified percentage of the active ingredient. Consumers may want to choose products that contain elderberry along with other herbs that are known to boost the immune system and help fight illness.

Elderberry products, as purchased from a supplier such as Lopez Distribuidora, also may be effective at reducing hay fever symptoms. What is it about this particular plant that is so effective? It seems to be the combination of beneficial plant components known as flavonoids. Elderberry’s flavonoids provide abundant antioxidant activity. These substances are beneficial in many ways, including in the battling of viruses and boosting of the immune system. People are generally more familiar with fruits like blueberries and even goji berries that have plentiful antioxidant content, but elderberry is a star in its own right.